Addiction rehab in Malmo

Addiction rehab in Malmö

Are you having a problem with addiction? Do you dream of a life free from active addiction? Get help at a first class rehab in Malmö in southern Sweden


Addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling? Want to join an addiction treatment program in southern Sweden, where the spoken language is English​? And we also offer our treatment programs online!

Are you concerned about your use of alcohol, drugs or gambling? Are you experiencing problems with addiction? Are you ready for making life changes and get help for your addiction? At Human Gardening you will have the opportunity to join an outpatient treatment program, designed for your needs and with English speaking therapists. We have helped many people from many countries to recover from addiction over the years.

Human Gardening is a rehab with a long history and experience rehabilitating individuals with alcohol, drug or gambling problems. Our treatment program has been developed over the course of 20 years, to suit the needs of your clients.

We offer individual counselling, group therapy and counselling via video (Skype etc.). You will also get our Workbook so you work with yourself outside of the therapy room. If you want and need to get away for some time in order to put your life together again, we can offer you a high standard accommodation. Our apartments are located in a hip part of Malmö, where you can combine your stay with work, if necessary. We have several formulas.


– situated in Malmö in the southern part of Sweden;
– easy accessible by air as Malmö is close to two international airports (Malmö Airport and Copenhagen Airport);
– 20 minutes from Copenhagen by the bridge, the capital of Denmark;
– close to easily accessible wonderful nature;
– both Malmö and Copenhagen are exciting cities.

About us:

– fully licenced by the Swedish authorities; 
– well educated team of therapists;
– a team of therapists with long experience in rehab;
– international experience in rehab treatment;
– strong flexibility in order to create a high quality and effective treatment for you;
– many self-help groups for people with addiction problems in both Malmö and Copenhagen.

Shame and fear are our worst enemies when it comes to seeking help. Don’t be afraid to call or email us. Some of us, who work here, have done this phone call ourselves and know how hard it can be to reach out.

Call or email us today. An English speaking therapist will answer all your questions.

Phone: +46 0707 767692



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